The most logical way to lose weight is to simply burn more calories than you intake daily. With regular exercise and monitoring your diet, you should ideally be able to shed those pounds quickly, possibly even by up to two to three pounds a week. It seems simple, but many people struggle with finding the right balance between exercising and consuming food. It is easy to lose track of your calorie intake and fall behind the amount of exercise needed to keep your weight to a minimum.


Increasing Levels of Brown Fat

During a recent study, scientists have found that when the body temperatures in mice lowered, the white fat cells transformed to brown fat, which are then activated to produce more body heat and burn excess white fat cells. The simple act of temporarily chilling your body can increase your brown fat levels and improve your metabolism rates, thereby helping you to lose weight much quicker.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Burns Calories Fast

This whole process can apparently be replicated with a whole body cryotherapy. It chills the body and lowers your temperature to below zero freezing temperatures, thereby activating the brown fat cells designed to increase your metabolic rate.

Research has shown that one session of cryotherapy can possibly help you burn up to 800 calories. When combined with regular exercise and healthy dieting, you’re likely to reach your target weight much quicker than you normally would. If you’re considering cryotherapy, you can find a Pittsburgh medical weight loss center that offers the treatments. You’ll work with a specialist who will monitor your sessions and set the appropriate temperature and time limits to fit your health needs.

Other Health Benefits with Cryotherapy

There are many other benefits to whole body cryotherapy. As it lowers the body temperature, it reduces nerve activity, which is effective in minimizing pain and inflammation. Cryotherapy can also help you lower your sensitivity to pain. Many professional athletes utilize cryotherapy treatments to enhance performance, improve joint function, boost energy levels, minimize muscle tension and recover from sports-related injuries.

In addition to reducing pain, cryotherapy lowers stress hormones and helps the body naturally recover from anxiety and depressive disorders. There are many more benefits to cryotherapy, such as increased concentration and improved hormonal imbalance. To learn more about how this innovative procedure can help you with your health and aesthetic goals, schedule an appointment to speak with a specialist at a cryotherapy Pittsburgh facility, like Pittsburgh CryoLab located in the Legacy Medical Center located at 3540 Washington Rd.Canonsburg, PA15317. For more info, check out


The Latest in Weightloss Research: Cryotherapy.